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My Youtube Channel

In addition to acting in others' productions, I also create my own content on my youtube channel. My channel consists of both vlogging- with a variety of different themes and genres- and short sketches, all of which I have written, produced, directed, edited, and acted in. While I love to make sketches as a creative outlet, I have also come to see a good amount of success come of them, with the most popular one having over 414K views.

I started writing and shooting sketches rather informally back at the beginning of 2015, and have since grown to undergo the entire process when creating my sketches: writing a script, creating a storyboard, casting the roles, assembling a full crew, scheduling out shoots, scouting locations, working in post, etc. It's quite a process, but seeing the end result is always worth it to me! 


I have many more ideas written down that I would love to bring to life, and I'm excited that I am seeing improvement every time I create new content, and I feel like getting to explore the other side of the camera is a necessity for well-rounded and developed actors nowadays.

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